We treat menopause symptoms with care and understanding

Menopause Health (MH) is the medical practitioner division of the Australian Menopause Centre (AMC). AMC was established in 2003 with the aim of providing care to women in rural areas throughout Australia who had limited support in dealing with their menopause. There was a recognised need for a specialised menopause treatment program together with a listening ear and ongoing care during a difficult time in a woman’s life. To overcome the geographical distances AMC pioneered telephone consultations enabling access to this much-needed service.

The availability of the service has since been taken up by women in metropolitan areas as well. As such AMC’s service expanded nationwide in both rural and non-rural areas. Since inception AMC has been able to provide support for over 80,000 women experiencing hormonal changes.

As more and more medical practitioners are referring their patients to AMC it has prompted the development of a medical practitioner arm that is referred to as Menopause Health (MH).

  • Menopause Health (MH) doctors conduct close to 10,000 consultations every year
  • Menopause Health (MH) support staff make over 150,000 patient follow-up calls each year

Our Vision

The staff at Menopause Health (MH) are familiar with how difficult managing some women with menopause and peri-menopause can be. Menopause Health (MH)s goal is to provide a comprehensive treatment and monitoring of patients going through this challenging time.

The intention is to alleviate your workload by taking on these more difficult and challenging patients, whilst ensuring your patient remains in your care for other aspects of her health.